Are Learnerships Effective In South Africa?

Are learnerships effective in South Africa? Yes learnerships are effective in South Africa. Learnerships and internships are an important step in transitioning from school to the workforce. They should be viewed as a great opportunity to develop skills and experience that will be invaluable for future employment.

The Difference Between An Apprenticeship and A Learnership

What are the distinctions between learnership and apprenticeship? The distinguishing features of a learnership is that they are mainly for skills that the government identifies as currently being scarce, which may vary from year to year. A learnership programme usually lasts 12 – 18 months and is far more structured than an apprenticeship.



The Difference Between An Internship and A Learnership

How does a learnership differ from an internship? Whether you are just out of school or looking for your next step in the working world, an internship or learnership can be a great way to gain experience and earn money. An internship is just work experience. It's more like an opportunity to learn the ropes and gain valuable skills. Learnerships, on the other hand, are designed to give you both work experience and on-the-job training – they allow you get qualified, paid and have opportunities for promotion all in one package.


The Latest Learnerships 2021/2022

A Learnership is a great opportunity if you want to learn skills, grow and develop in a career you would love to succeed in. I would highly recommend doing a learnership because not only do you learn new skills in a specific trade or field, but you gain valuable knowledge that you can carry with you for life. 

How To Apply For A Learnership

Joining a learnership programme has become a popular option for matriculants so let’s look at how you can find one that will suit you and your educational needs best.

Employed Learnership in User-Centred Design At Red & Yellow Creative School of Business

In a world increasingly cluttered with information, information technology must be designed with the user in mind. It must be intuitive, legible and relevant. More than that, it must be WOW-worthy. 'User-Centred Design' is the methodology of designing products, services and websites with the user in mind, and often at the forefront of development. 

Learnerships Sasol

Sasol is a global integrated chemicals and energy company spanning 30 countries. Through their talented people, they use their expertise and selected technologies to safely and sustainably source, manufacture and market chemical and energy products globally. Check out these Sasol learnership opportunities.



Eskom Learnerships

The energy industry is transforming and Eskom is playing a leading role in the delivery of energy to millions of customers countrywide. Eskom are always looking for highly skilled professionals who want to make an impact. Eskom aims to deliver sustainable power for a brighter future.

Engen Learnership Programme

Founded in 1881, Engen has its own transport fleet with approximately 180 bulk fuel tankers, operating in more than 20 countries.


Harmony Gold Learnership Programme

Harmony Gold is at the forefront of gold mining, as the third biggest gold mining firm in South Africa, and the twelfth biggest gold mining firm in the world.
Find out about their learnership programme.

Afrox Learnership Programme

Afrox is a market leader of welding products and gases within sub-Saharan Africa. It was listed on the JSE in the year 1963, and has kept up with customer needs and developing solutions to add value to applications ever since.

ArcelorMittal Learnership Programme

ArcelorMittal is one of the largest steel companies in the world and it is based in South Africa. It offers gifted individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds a chance to learn and expand their knowledge while also gaining valuable hands-on knowledge in their field.

IBM Learnership Programme

IBM offers its solutions to companies, industries and individuals around the world. It also offers development, training and an opportunity to accelerate careers and now they are on the lookout for gifted individuals to join their IBM learnership program.

Lonmin Learnership Programme

Lonmin – a Rhodesian Mining company - has come a long way since its establishment in the 1900s. They are known to be producers of platinum and offers great learnership opportunities to qualifying candidates.